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Workmen’s Compensation

Massage and manual therapy are federally mandated to be covered by Workmen’s Compensation. If your orthopedic surgeon, overseeing your case, has recommended physiotherapy. It is a manual therapy or massage as an addition to your therapy prior to surgery or post-surgery. We recommend, without hesitation, that you reach out to us to see how we can schedule you for an initial consultation and assessment to find out how we can help further with your recovery. It’s a known fact by the National Institute of Health and the American Medical Association, as well as, the Orthopedic Association of America that manual therapy, physiotherapy and massage greatly aid in the recovery and preparation of the soft tissue prior to any form of physical therapy or surgery. It can also help you not to be dependent on medication during the recovery process and rehabilitation of your injury. Please feel free to discuss this with the physician overseeing your case. With certainty, they should not see an issue with you pursuing manual therapy; physiotherapy or massage with your case. If they do, I recommend that you possibly should come to see us, or maybe find another attending physician for your Workmen’s Compensation case. Contact us today or click below to schedule a session to get the ball rolling.