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Massage in Atlanta Georgia, Advanced Massage Network Midtown location # 101

Therapist: Alexis Servy, NCTMB

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Author: Brittney Knight; Atlanta, Ga.
Therapist: Alexis Servy, NCTMB

"I had horrible upper back pain for many years. I was having issues turning my neck and decided to seek help. Alexis, the massage therapist, helped alleviate the pain and in only one session, I got the relief I hadn't seen from any other massage therapist. I have continued seeing Alexi whenever I experience pain and he always comes through, relieving the issues for weeks. The prices are that of most low-end massage companies but the service is without a doubt the best I've had. This is definitely therapeutic "Medical" massage as opposed to relaxing Swedish massage."

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Author: George F.; Atlanta, GA
Therapist: Alexis Servy, NCTMB

"Two years ago I had a terrible fall down a flight of stairs. I ended up with a lack of range of motion and pain in my right shoulder and left hip area. I was working with a physical therapist to open up my hip and shoulder area. I could tell she was frustrated with the lack of results we were getting with my range of motion. I was referred to Alexis by a friend who sadly suffered from polio when he was child who Alexis also sees. After two months of combined therapy from the physical therapist, and four sessions of Alexis's very effective therapeutic techniques. My doctor the physical therapist was shocked to see I had gained full range of motion in two months of physical therapy. Thank God! My doctor passed me with full range of motion just before my insurance stopped paying for physical therapy. She said she had never seen this type of results so quickly before, and that Alexis is a miracle worker. Now she refers her patients to him thanks to my shoulder and hip."

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Author: Bruce Brooks; Newnan, GA
Therapist: Alexis Servy, NCTMB

"Alexis provides a level of detail and knowledge that few others can match in massage therapy. His treatments have really helped my overall mobility for a shoulder that experienced a sports injury years ago. In addition, he provides helpful tips designed to prevent injuries and limit future aggravation in problem areas and joints. His approach is just what I needed to provide muscular relief and to enhance mobility at the same time. Definitely would recommend his approach to anyone."

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Author: Veronica Case; Atlanta, GA
Therapist: Alexis Servy, NCTMB

"After chronic knee pain, I went to see Alexis on a recommendation from a friend. Boy, am I glad I did! Turns out my problem was not my knee, but an extremely tight IT band. Alexis spent over an hour working the area and the next day, the pain was completely gone! I have been several times since, and each time has been great! This is not your regular rub down. It's body work to fix those tight muscles! Save your money on an orthopedic doctor and go here instead!"

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Author: Glynn Servy; Atlanta, GA
Therapist: Alexis Servy, NCTMB

"Alexis is a very talented massage therapist. I can tell that he has studied many different massage techniques and incorporates them all into each massage session."

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Author: Stephanie C.; Atlanta, GA
Therapist: Alexis Servy, NCTMB

"Absolutely the best therapist in Atlanta, Ga.."

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