Pains and Structural Problems

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Herniated and Bulging Discs

are symptomatically originally caused by trigger points that cause tendons and ligaments to become weak around the vertebrate. When a prolonged stress occurs on the individual’s vertebrate, they will begin to exhibit symptoms of cartilage bulging out with inflammation and nerve pain accompanying it. The best modalities for treating this issue are medical massage, Rolfing, neuromuscular therapy, and soft tissue manipulation.

Symptoms of Herniated Discs are much more aggravated than a bulging discs and include nerve pain, inflammation, and a protrusion of the cartilage.


is a nerve pain that travels down the leg from the sciatic nerve that connects between the L3, L4, and L5 vertebrates. The pelvis tilts due to tight leg muscles and results in lower back pain. If left untreated, sciatica can form from symptoms building. Medical Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Rolfing, and soft tissue manipulation modalities are recommended for this condition.

Tight upper thigh muscles cause pelvic tilt. Pelvic tilt can cause several different symptoms including lower back pain, lack or range of motion, and pain to reproductive system. Recommended modalities are medical massage and neuromuscular therapy.

Tennis Elbow

is caused by inflammation of the ulna nerve. It is affected by the triceps, forearm, and upper neck and back muscles. Relief comes from manipulating all of these areas using Medical massage, neuromuscular therapy, or a form of structural integration or soft tissue manipulation.

Golf Elbow

is caused by inflammation of the radial nerve. Medical massage, NM therapy, and soft tissue manipulation are recommended to treat.

Tight and enlarged trigger points

and tight fascia cause lack of range of motion. It can be affected by your nervous system, when it gets used to lack of range of motion and can consistently try to revert the body back to a healthy range of motion. Consistent treatment can affectively treat this condition and free the individual.

Migraine headaches

are caused by 3 things: lack of sufficient fluids or dehydration causing cramping in the muscles around the head and brain, change in the core body temperature, or neck pain. 2 out of 3 times, neck pain is the cause. NMT therapy, medical massage, lymphatic drainage, and/or soft tissue manipulation is recommended for treating headaches.

Frozen hips and shoulders

are caused by the loss of range of motion due to trigger points and tight fascia around the joint site. Recommended modality to release is Orthopedic Massage.

Plantar Fasciitis

is caused by a build up of trigger points leading to constant pain in the calves, arches, and tendons around the heel. Prolonged pain in the tissue causes inflammation of the tissue and the individual cannot plantar flex the foot. Once you have plantar fasciitis, it is one of the hardest issues to treat. However, with proper NMT therapy, medical massage, structural and soft tissue manipulation, and/or Muscle Exonero Technique we can treat and even prevent this condition.

Carpal Tunnel

is caused by tight forearm muscles that pull on the metacarpals, weakening the tendons between them. When the tendons become weak, the muscles are unable to stabilize causing the carpals to pop up and pinch the nerves. The best way to reverse carpal tunnel is NMT therapy on the forearm, preferably the Muscle Exonero Technique. Medical massage, structural integration, and soft tissue manipulation are recommended as well.

A Sprained Muscle

is one that has been moved involuntarily. They are commonly accompanied by inflammation. Trigger point therapy and modalities that treat inflammation are highly recommended. Once the muscle is treated properly and the trigger point is released, drastic advancements in healing can occur. A speedy recovery is usually followed by a good NMT therapy or a Muscle Exonero Technique session.

Muscle Strain

is an overexertion of the muscle less severe than a tear. If additional stress is imposed to the strain a tear may result. Treating the inflammation and trigger points of a strain using the Muscle Exonero Technique is highly recommended.

A Muscle Tear

is when the tendon or muscle actually tears resulting in lack of range of motion and mobility within the muscle. Seeking immediate medical attention is advised. However, modalities such as NMT therapy, Rolfing, the Muscle Exonero Technique, Soft tissue manipulation and Lymphatic Drainage are highly recommended following the surgery or other medical treatment you receive.


is a precursor and symptom of the majority of structural problems. It causes the immune system to weaken greatly, thus leaving it exposed and vulnerable to disease. All massage modalities help to reduce stress, the most effective being spa or Swedish massage.


is a lack of blood to the muscle and typically follows the formation of a trigger point. It can be released by NMT therapy, soft tissue manipulation, or medical massage. The Muscle Exonero Technique is suggested to treat atrophy.

Bone Spurs

A bone spurs are calcium deposits of fascia caused by a chronic trigger point in the nearby soft tissue. When the trigger points are left untreated, the muscles do not receive sufficient blood flow and will atrophy. Bone spurs typically form near joint sites such as the vertebrate, shoulder, hip or heel. If left untreated, bone spurs can result in permanent lack of range of motion. Modalities such as medical massage and NMT therapy are the most beneficial methods of treatment for this condition.

A Trigger Point

A trigger point (or knot) is a defense mechanism formed in the muscle due to stress. In order to properly release the trigger point from the muscle or fascia fiber being unaligned and lacking oxygen and nutrients in the muscle, the individual must experience manipulation in the trigger point. Stretching does not release the trigger point, but only helps it lay down after being manipulated. Stretching doesn’t affect the trigger point as effectively as direct manipulation to the trigger point. The Muscle Exonero Technique, NMT therapy, and Rolfing are recommended to release the knots.

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