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Car Accidents or Med Pay

Car accidents, in degrees of blunt force trauma, are some of the worst experiences on your physical and musculoskeletal body. Most likely, you have developed some type of whiplash or impingement in your pelvic region causing soreness in the neck and shooting pain in the legs and even headaches. If myofascial trigger points are not treated correctly in the soft tissue and diminished in an appropriate way and retrained as well, they have a tendency to remain in the soft tissue for the long term until corrected. It can sometimes cause an individual to take more medication than they needed to. We don’t want to see you suffer from this dependency, as well as from unnecessary misalignment and pulling in the musculoskeletal body causing unnecessary pain. If your overseeing physician or lawyer has not recommended massage, physiotherapy or manual therapy for your treatment and rehabilitation of your car accident, we recommend without hesitation that you reach out to us immediately for a consultation. It is federally mandated that Med Pay and any car accident be covered by your insurance when it comes to manual therapy, massage or physiotherapy. Manual therapy, massage or physiotherapy is the key in preparing the tissue and releasing any disfunction that would be impeding upon your gait, range of motion and movement before considering any type of physical therapy or surgery. Do not hesitate to call us today to schedule an appointment, as well as, book online to get the ball rolling and moving in a positive direction.