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Advanced Massage Network is probably the most unique and innovative massage business you will ever come across today. The networks main goal is to change the massage industry for the better, because the therapist that make up the network are feed up with the lack of education and experience that make up of the rest of the 75% of the massage industry. The therapist that make up this network of therapists are of the top 25% of the massage industry. They are the best around from within your community. They all are real healers! These individual eyes are wide open to what society lacks, great therapists and real body manipulation that make a difference. This network is all about innovation. The therapists all have been hand pick and selected internally by the great massage therapists that already make up the network. Only 5% of the whole massage industry gets to join this exclusive club. That is how selective they are. Honestly there is no point of even going anywhere else as a consumer, because they are the best and their prices are the most competitive around.

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What is the difference between Spa Massage Therapy and Medical Massage Therapy?
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Medical Massage
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Benefits of Massage

Pain Management
Trigger Point Therapy
Increase Range of Motion
Relieve Stress
Lower Blood Pressure
Alleviate Headaches
Improve Your Body's Gait
Reduce Pain Patterns
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