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We are proud to be the first massage franchise to promote medical massage the way it should. We have successfully recruited the best independent massage therapists into a larger business setting by paying them what they deserve, more than any other enterprise. Advanced Massage Network is a network of the most advanced massage therapists in your area and we strive to solve your pain issues effectively and efficiently. We are not your typical massage parlor. In fact, we try to break all of the massage stereotypes.

At Advanced Massage Network, we believe the massage industry is in a horrible state at the moment, for clients and therapists. It is a hit-or-miss for clients and talented therapists are paid well below their worth, forcing them to leave the industry, or go out on their own independently. We practice all massage modalities and specialize in the most advanced massage modalities available, including osteopathic soft tissue manipulation and medical massage. We promise you the highest quality massage therapy and results you will find. Advanced Massage Network is probably the most unique and innovative massage business you will ever come across today.

This network is all about innovation. The therapists all have been hand picked and selected internally by great massage therapists that already make up the network. In fact, Only 10% of the whole massage industry gets to join this exclusive club. That is how selective we are. Honestly, there is no point of even going anywhere else as a consumer, because we are the best and our pricing is the most competitive around this we easily guarantee.

Medical Massage is only practiced by 18% of all massage therapists in the United States. Only a select few know more advanced modalities designed to treat acute and chronic pain. All of the Advanced Massage Network therapists are trained in the Muscle Exonero Technique, an advanced neuromuscular therapy technique that can begin to alleviate trigger points, and provide proper Neuromuscular Reeducation in one session. These advanced medical massage services typically cost between $120 - $230 for a 90 minute session. With pricing like that you better make sure that every cent is spent wisely. With us you don't have to worry about spending that much, and we guarantee that our therapists are the apex of your community.

Spa massage, indicated by the blue modality icon, is about relaxation and detoxifying the body.

Medical Massage, indicated by the red modality icon, the medical massage practitioner assesses the body medically by figuring out what can be done to help the individual suffering from tension, and acute or chronic pain. Medical Massage helps improve one’s gait and posture as well as treating headaches, inflammation, lack of range of motion, stress and tension, nerve pain, lower back and neck pain, etc. . . . . .

Medical Massage is more interactive and involves interaction with the therapist. Our goal is to properly assess your medical condition and create a massage therapy plan with your primary care doctor to address and treat the problems. If the problem is a severe condition that is in need of surgery, or if the client is found needing emergency care, then the client will be advised to seek the appropriate medical attention immediately. Usually, this is not the case, and it has been found to be able treat and even prevent the majority of all structural pain issues before they occur.

The most important benefit of massage is the stimulation of the lymphatic system. You will sweat out more metabolic waste than usual, which helps detoxify the body.

Massage is also good for treating the soft tissue and muscular system, which affects the skeletal and nervous system. When trigger points grow larger you lose your optimal range of motion and your fascia tissue will start to harden. This affects your gait, posture, and overall physical appearance, but it can be corrected with the proper massage modalities. Here are some of these recommended modalities: The Muscle Exonero Technique, Medical Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Orthopedic Massage, Structural Integration, Rolfing, etc. . . . . . . . . This aspect of the benefits massage the is usually the most underestimated. . . . Just kidding ...

Massage releases feel-good chemicals and hormones, tilting the balance away form stress and toward relaxation and healing. Massage is absolutely one of the best things you can do to balance yourself in this high-stress and toxic world.

Every Massage is great for encouraging circulation through out the whole body.

Only a select few individuals are educated in advanced massage modalities. Due to lack of time, the majority of massage schools only prepare therapists to pass the national board exam and teach spa massage modalities. It is left up to the individual after their massage school education to pursue the more advanced massage modalities. Unfortunately only about 5% - 20% take the initiative to further educate themselves and 5% - 10% master Medical Massage.

Medical Massage education takes significantly more time to master than the standard Spa education. The massage industry and large franchises typically pay about 30% - 40% of the session price to the therapist and encourage unnecessary tips. Advanced Massage Network is proud pay out a minimum of 70% to our therapists, which is why we are able to recruit the very best the industry has to offer.

Advanced Massage Network’s goal is to innovate and change the stagnant massage industry by treating the client with the appropriate modalities customized to their problems. Advanced Massage Network consists of the most elite independent massage therapists in the nation. Check out our innovative scheduler, which speeds up the booking process and effectively suggests the most appropriate modality for your issue.

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