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Six reasons we are the most efficient & effective :

No. 1 :

Most effective rehabilitative massage & manual physiotherapy method.

No. 2 :

Most efficient protocol for training neural pathways and the nervous system.

No. 3 :

A system that allows for transparency and easy filing with your health insurance company.

No. 4 :

Evaluations and medical recommendations conducted by in-network medical doctors.

No. 5 :

Best local vetted independent therapists in the country. 

No. 6 :

A convenient system for scheduling and for understanding the therapy you should be receiving.

Our mission statement:

Have you tried everything under the sun and still intuitively knew that there had to be a way to efficiently and effectively treat the soft-tissue condition helping you to finally address the condition that you suffer from? If not, let us help you regain your faith in your body’s potential to heal itself naturally. We practice the most advanced form of manual Physiotherapy combined with the most efficient protocol to retrain your body’s nervous system’s neural pathways. We work closely with local natural path doctors to accurately diagnose and assess the condition and recommend the appropriate therapy that’s required for treating the condition. We believe in integrative healthcare knowing that it is the most efficient way to start addressing a condition for proper treatment. As well we know that treating the underlying cause of the symptoms is as essential and more important than managing the condition itself. We have an Innovative method for filing, recording, and performing evaluations creating transparency and allowing you as a patient/client to see the progression and feel confident in the therapy that you’re receiving. We’re very proud of our Innovative scientific approach giving back credibility and authority to an age-old and proven remedy for musculoskeletal pain. You will find no matter what you’re doing to try to treat the musculoskeletal condition that your body is suffering from whether it’s training, rehabilitation, or just injury prevention that our Innovative approach will help treat the condition and diminish symptoms that you are suffering from.

We know how to file and how to become in-network with your health insurance company :

We are proud of our unique system to record and evaluate your state of being continually throughout your therapy and rehabilitation, which gives us a better understanding of your progress and what your needs are while creating transparency for all parties involved (patient, health insurance adjuster, therapist, and doctor). Our system allows your health insurance adjuster and their respective health insurance company to know that you the patient is receiving the therapy that you are needing, and that you are making progress with your rehabilitation.

Health Insurance Companies

Medically Recommended with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of California.

Medically Recommended with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Georgia.

Medically Recommended with Humana of Georgia.